Medical reimbursement treated as income for child support


My employer currently does not offer health insurance, however they reimburse me for a certain amount that I pay for my own policy, purchased outside the company. I also cover my children under the same policy. The reimbursement is less than the total amount I pay, but more than I pay for “my portion” of the insurance.

I received new child support calculation sheets listing my income as my gross salary PLUS the health insurance reimbursement amount (which is significantly more than my gross salary alone). I informed the child support person, and she said I would have to argue how I felt it needed to be calculated in court. It’s not how I feel it should be, even the IRS doesn’t treat it as income, and I’m sure they would if they could. Is this normal, and what recourse do I have other than now arguing it in court? Is the judge likely to use math this creatively as well?


The reimbursement is properly classified as income since it is received from your employer on a regular, recurring basis. What needs to happen is that the cost of the insurance attributable to the children’s insurance, is included in the calculation.