Modification of Child Support and Alimony


My child is 22 and still getting Child Support my former spouse, but he has now filed for Child support modification with the court. Can the alimony be raised to the equal amount of Child support so the income is not lost? In other words does the court allow for Alimony to be increased if a child has aged out and does an overpayment get considered if the child is passed age 18?

Alimony and Child Support are two completely different types of support. Child support is for the child and alimony is support for the former spouse; they are not dependent upon each other in any way. You will not be able to increase your alimony payments simply because he no longer owes child support.

I had a lawyer say that I can go up on alimony if he terminates some of my child support? Is that not the case?

If you want to modify your alimony award, you’ll need to be able to show a substantial change in circumstances. Alimony is not related to child support. To learn about grounds for modifying alimony, consult the our article on modification of alimony.