Modify Custody - is it worth it?

Newly Divorced. Have girls 14 & 10. Have Parenting Agreement.
I get them every other weekend. I wanted them 50/50. But chose not to fight it out in court last year.
Now I want to getting them 50/50. My girls do not want 50/50 with their dad.
Their mother sleeps with them and shares everything about the divorce with them. She constantly undermines my relationship.
They believe their mother hook, line, and sinker.

I seriously can not afford a lawyer, so I’m going this alone.
Their mother will share everything I do and say in court with them, poisoning them further.
Can a judge make a mother behave ? Can a judge force a mother to get counseling/help to be a healthy parent ?
Am I wasting my time to file for a Modification to Custody ?
I do not want to take the girls away from her as she has done to me.
I want an equal playing field, where both parents play fair, do not sleep with the children, and do not share adult things with them -
you know basic healthy parent stuff - protecting your children.

A judge can order that she not alienate the children from you, and can also order counseling and a psychological evaluation of the mother and the children. If your children are at risk for emotional harm, moving to modify custody to protect them is certainly not a waste of time.

Erin -

Is there an example of a modify custody form that talks about Parent Alienation ?

There is not one available on this site, and unfortunately, give your child’s age and the proximity to her 18th birthday, even if you were to attempt to move forward on a modification I do not believe you would prevail even if the court were to reach your case before the child turns 18.