Mom has a new boyfriend/ we got throwing out!

You need to talk to an attorney!!! You are entitled to the same as any one in your position, male or female!!! You are entitled to ED of all marital property. You can get child support for your daughter and I would also ask for spousal support.

Hello, my wife is the bread winner and i was the “STAY @ HOME DAD” one day she made up a story saying i was crazy, and doing drugs and was thinking of suicide and had me taking out of my house by three sheriffs, they took me to the emergency mental hospital. Three Doctors saw me and said that i was normal and no follow up was needed and to return home. Then approximately 2 months later she came up with a story saying I threatening her and she fears for her life,she said that I was going to cut her up and throw her in the woods! The court ordered a protective order for me to leave. So I move to my parents house… the same day my daughter said mom I know you have a BOYFRIEND mom said no honey I don’t, my daughter (13y.o.) say yes you do have one i’m not stupid, wife say OK yes i do and his name is Kevin. The next day my wife say O BYE the way,you know that kevin is BLACK don’t you? My daughter was SHOCKED and said your kidding right… wife say, no he is black, seriously… three days later the man MOVES in and my daughter said …( MOM IT IS KEVIN OR ME?) mom said well,you’ll get use to it. Daughter 13yr old said no; I WON’T… that if he moves in,then I going to live with dad! mother said,GOOD THEN GET THE HELL OUT, and took her key and said have a good life with your father… now it’s been going on six weeks and she ONLY calls my daughter from work M-F never @ night or any weekend because of the boyfriend lives there!!! My house is in north west charlotte, I now live in Davidson, with my parents and my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER… ps. like I said I am a STAY @ HOME DAD, ALSO TOOK CARE OF MY WIFES MOTHER FOR 9 YEARS BEFORE SHE PAST IN FEB.06 we have nothing! where ARE MY RIGHTS FOR MY DAUGHTER… THX. Joe and my daughter Katie