Motion to show cause

You see how badly I need to vent, I forgot to say that my stepson’s Mom had her lawyer to issue a subpoena for her 8 year old son.

Susan V. Parsons

I just need to vent. My husband and I are seeking sole custody of my husband’s eight year old son. We’ve had joint legal and physical custody for 2 years. Mom doesn’t even call her son during the weeks we have him. She does not work and lives within 4 miles of his school. She never visits him at school and is not envolved with his school. We live 30 miles from his school, we are involved with PTA, and all events at school. My stepson only gets to see his maternal grandparents when he is with us. They where greatly involved in his life for his first 5 years, then came along Mom’s third husband and he will not allow the grandparents to see or visit him school.
Please keep my stepson in your prayers.

I will never cease to be suprised at how low some people will go.