Moving jurisdiction

I posted previously about how to file to move jurisdiction, and you answered my question…but now I have another one. =)

My stbx has decided that he is going to file to move jurisdiction FROM NC TO FL…which is fine, that’s where we are both living. He sent a notarized affadavit to his brother, and is going to have his brother file the paperwork at the courthouse, I guess.

My question is: I initially filed for custody in the county that I live in here in FL (I’ll call it M County)…and I live in M County with our son. He moved to S County. Will the judge automatically give jurisdiction to S County since he’s the one who filed? Or, will the judge put jurisdiction in M County, where I live, since I originally filed in NC to begin with?


I can’t speak to Florida law, but in NC venue (the county where the action lies) is proper where the Defendant lives.