Moving Notification/ Support

My divorce was done online and filed with Mecklenburg Co. aprox. 2 yrs ago. My exhusband pays me both child support and spousal support directly (via mailed checks). My spousal support will stop next year and I have sold my house in preparation for our new financial situation. Our 12 yr old daughter does not regularly see her father and he does not force her to see him. I contacted him to let him know we are moving but need to know what I legally need to do before we move; do I need to file something? I am not planning on leaving the state and the only thing the separation papers state is that I give him 25 days written notice. I also wonder if I should (or could) file to get child support through the courts as I am worried he will simply stop paying me when we move. He has always been in control of the divorce (which seems shabbily done) and I am trying to reclaim our lives & move forward. Thank you.

If there is no order in your case then you should abide by the terms of your agreement with your husband. Your husband could always file to try and stop you from moving the child. If he does not continue to pay child support, and you have a contract for him to do so, then you can file for breach.