Moving On

I’m in the same situation but to be on the safe side why don’t you wait untill the divorce is final because techniclly you are still married.Plus you can’t get married untill you are divorced

There aren’t any legal issues with getting engaged. All that is is a verbal commitment to marry someone.

If your ex is not concerned with your having moved on, you are at little risk legally. You are technically still married, so you do face any possible claims a married person or the third party might be at risk for. Criminal conversation would be a tort claim that requires only marriage and sexual intercourse between defendant and the plaintiff’s spouse to be actionable. If your ex consents, this may be enough to prove a defense to such a claim.

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After 10 1/2 months my ex and I have finally reached an agreement. In hindsight the marriage was dead for a lot years. I have fallen for a lady, but did not meet her until many months after the marriage was over and we seperated. Ex could care less. I am wanting to move on with my life and feel this lady is the one. If we get engaged before the divorce final what legal issues are there, if any. BTW my ex had at least one affair before we seperated so A of A is not an issue.