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Dear Anne,

I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I understand you do not believe you have the money to hire an attorney, I do believe it would be in your best interests to try to hire one to represent your interests. Even if you do not, you should not sign any agreement to give him an uncontested divorce. Further, you should not allow the divorce to become final until you have filed claims for equitable distribution and alimony. If you do not do so before the divorce is final, you will lose the right to do so.

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My husband Graham and I have been seperated since April 29th 2001. He beat me to a pulp and was arrested at the time. He was put on probabtion for 3 years. It was not the 1st time he had caused serious injury to me, but I declined to tell the police that, as to be honest I felt we all needed him to be working so as we still had an income. I suggested we see a mediator instead of a lawyer. I was very beaten up at this time, and in so much pain and confusion inside, that I was not hinking clearly, he is very over powering as both a husband and father. I was on a lot of pain killers and antidepressants and truly I was not thinking right. Anyway we still have not got a divorce due to the fact that I am still getting medical through his job. He is now demanding that I sign an agreement that states I will give him an ambical divorce. I would like some advice on what my position is. I feel that I should have gotten more out of this. I still have pain in my jaw and upper teeth. from the multiple fractures. He earns over $100000 per yr. He tells me lies constantly. and I do not have the money to hire a lawyer. what can I do about all

annie Nice