My sister contacted the opposing attorney

My sister is very scared. She is POA for my mother. She contacted the opposing attorney in my mother’s case requesting that my mother’s estranged husband sign VA papers for Aid and Attendance benefits for my mother who is in assisted living at this time. She requested a signature on the VA papers and left a message that since he had stated my mother was ineligible, a lie that my mother’s attorney accepted, that she would pursue elder abuse. This attorney had someone call her place of business to get the physical location. We are now assuming that he intends to “serve” her with something My mother is not divorced at this time and God only knows when and if this divorce will EVER take place. We are frustrated with her lawyer who seems willing to accept everything the opposing counsel says. The VA is willing to work with this. The VA knows my mother and her “husband” are separated, but simply needs his signature for processing. Now, my sister is horribly afaid that some sort of complaint will be issued against her for this call asking for a signature and also “threatening” elder abuse. What do I need to tell her other than not to worry? She was only trying to get some funds to assist our mother!!!

Your mother should not be in fear, the actions taken on her behalf were legitimate.