Name change request

I am the plaintiff. Can I file the name change request for defendant?
Is it ok if I change “plaintiff” to “defendant”- requests name change in the judgment for absolute divorce?
And this would have no bearing on the waiver of 30 days, right? Thank you.

*** Not a lawyer ***

No. The defendant would have to request the name change in the Answer, you cannot request it on their behalf. But it shouldn’t affect the waiver of the 30-day time to respond.

Your wife will have to tell the court herself that she wants to resume her maiden name. Your question about the waiver is confusing. A party has 30 days to answer the complaint. When a party answers, he/she can waive further notice, which means you can calendar the divorce as quickly as possible without having to wait for the filing times pursuant to the rules of civil procedure. Nothing about a request for a name change should impact these time requirements.