NCP Ex allows another to take kids out of state

Ex is NCP and has allowed her relative to take the kids ( minors) out of state to virginia beach . Did not tell me she was doing it, did not tell me with whom or where,I found out after kids came home from the kids.Visitation is for Ex every other weekend, is she allowed to do what she did, what recourse do I have ? Should an emergency have occured no one with kids had any authority to have them treated.

Unless the Order prevents her from taking the children out of state she is not in violation of the same. I agree that she should have provided contact information prior to taking the children, and would say that is a reasonable request moving forward.

If she refuses to do so, or does this again you may want to consider filing a motion for judicial assistance to amend the current Order to require her to notify you of trips she arranges for the children.