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Contact the North Carolina Bar Association, Lawyer Referral Service at (In-state callers:) 1-800-662-7660 or (Out-of-state callers:) (919) 677-8574 to find an attorney in Jacksonville.

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I left my husband of six months in October 2002 and returned to my home in California. I was concerned because he trashed our apartment, put a hole in the wall, and threw books at me. He is a Marine stationed in Jacksonville. In May 2003, he filed an action for divorce from bed and board against me. An attorney in California recommended I get an attorney in Jacksonville to pursue child support (our baby was born in California after I left) and finish the divorce. He thought it would be cheaper to do that than have him do the work in California. He also mentioned the Seamens and Sailors Act and something about my husband’s bed and board filing puts jurisdiction in North Carolina anyway. My questions are, what do you think of this advice, and how do I get a referral for a good attorney in Jacksonville (my husband used Samuel Popkin for the bed and board action)?