Need Advice on Arguing a Paragrah in Parenting Plan

It states:

For one year after the divorce is finalized, neither parent will have overnight visitors of the opposite sex who are not related to the children by blood or by marriage between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am when the children are present.

I want to live with my fiance (my year is not up until October). He is not an “overnight” visitor. Does this statement prevent me from doing that or am I in fact within my rights move on with my life.

The statement does prevent your finance from living with you ( at least on the nights when you have the children) until you are married.

That’s fine, but it does not prevent him from being in the home any other time. So basically he can be there any other hour and sleeping in another location is acceptable?


Ms. Clarey;

Thank you…for your time. This website is a true help to all those who utilize it. I for one am very thankful to you.


You are most welcome, I wish you all the best.