Need Advice Quickly


My wife and I were married in October, 2008 and seperated in March 2009. In October 2009 she traveled to Connecticut to give birth to our son. I recently learned she did not list me as the father on the birth certificate and she did not give my son my last name. She also refuses to allow me to bring my son to my home, where I live with my parents. We live 5 hours from each other and when I travel to see my son I have to rent a motel room and with that cost and the cost of gas and food, each trip cost me around $200.00. My question is this: about how much will it cost me in attorneys fees to have my name added to his birth certificate, have his last name changed to mine and also get legal visitation so he can come to my house to stay and is asking for a week or two weeks each month asking for to much visitation?


I cannot say for sure how much your attorney’s fees would be. Every case is different, and it would depend on a variety of factors. Jurisdiction of this case is proper in Connecticut, and the action should be filed there.