Need Advise


I had posted a question months ago about obtaining an annulment. I had been married for a little over six months and at the time of my marriage I feel that I was scared into it. Since we have had issues with his nephew living with us, which I was all for until my husband started using him to do all of his work while he sat there watching or playing video games. He was also playing his nephew against my oldest son and I have a list of things that were being done and said when I was not home. Making a long story short. My husband left and took his nephew with him about 3 weeks ago. After not having the nephew in school for a week in sent him back to Florida with his grandmother and mother. He asked to come home the day after sending his nephew back. I was not certain that he would act better so I said no. Well, he did come back home this past weekend. We started counseling last week and he said he would continue going. Now, he has started acting out somewhat and has gotten himself back into some drug use while he takes lunch at work. Then night he came home he threw some pictures away that I had of his step-sister (we have been writing to each other for a few weeks), I asked why he did that and he told me that he had sex with her when he was twelve and she was sixteen. Shocked me to death. I have been talking with my husband