Need an attorney to sue for CC?

My ex has filed a lawsuit against my co-worker for criminal conversation. I KNOW that he did this JUST to try to “manipulate” me into giving him what he wants. (He’s very skilled in the act of manipulation). He knows he cannot PROVE sex has occurred between my coworker and I.

I know for a fact that he is having sex with my NIECE, and this past weekend, she spent the night with him WHILE our minor child (7) was in his house. I have read their text messages (obtained LEGALLY) which reveals they’ve had sex and much more (and even has tons of “I love you’s” in their messages). I also have pictures of her car at his house late at night and WAY early in the morning.

My questions is…since he has filed a lawsuit against my co-worker (and I have a copy of the paperwork), is it possible for me to use that as a template and file a cc lawsuit against my niece? I know my attorney will charge big bucks to handle this, and I don’t necessarily want to sue…but I do want to frighten the *ell out of them and let them know that I am AWARE of his & her actions…and possibly make him back off on the cc lawsuit against my co-worker (who is innocent in all this and doesn’t have money for an attorney).

If it’s possible for ME to file the suit (without an attorney), what steps do I need to take? I already have the lawsuit typed up…I just need to know how to file it, how to have her “served”, etc.

Thanks so much!

You may file a lawsuit without an attorney, but I would not advise taking on a case like this without counsel. The complaint is a document filed to initiate suit, and will need to allege the basis of the claim from your perspective. If you do file suit on your own it will be filed with the clerk, and should then be taken to the sheriff’s department for service.