Need suggestion

I just got married in October of last year 2005. My husband got divorced from prior relationship and allthough he has no biological children with this woman he has to pay her 700.00 dollars a month and half of everyones health insurance (she has two daughters-not his, and he didn’t adopt them). It states it in his divorce papers…My question is since he has remarried to me and I just gave birth to his biological son can he get this amount reduced without waiting the time required to lower this amout…I have been reciently medically discharged from the USMC and my husband is currently in the USMC. He supports his son, my daughter from previous relationship and my self as well. I hope I explained the details well enough ! I also want to know if he has to continue paying for these other children’s health insuraance and his ex’s health insurance if ,for one they are not his kids, and two he now has his own child and wife to provide for. (He said he agreed to his ex to pay for health insurance so she woould leave him alone-I’ve read her emails to him and she is evil !) I think he’s afraid that she will try to harm or harrass him if he tries to get it lowered first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated