Need the facts about allomony!

any time there is a significant change you can seek a modification. Have another child would qualify.


My husband pays 700 dollars a month allomony to ex (he divorced Sept 2005~they had been seperated for four years). He also pays half of ex’s health insurance and half of her two daughters health insurance.They are not even his biological children nor had he ever adopted them. She recieves child support from the girls biological father. We married in Oct 2005 and in April had our first child together (his biological son). I also have a daughter from previous relationship that I recieve child support for. We are struggling just to make ends meet and I need to know when the earliest possible time he can file to have this redused or end the health insurance, or end whatever he can so we can feed our two children and keep the utilities and rent paid! Do judges usually have sympathy in his favor ? They divorced for reasons of inreconsilable differences and it was a contested divorce. I know he needs a lawyer, but we can’t afford anything extra right now…so I need some good advise and where I can find information for what his rights are and how N.C. can protect him against this unfair settlement. Please respond if anyone knows were I can find great information that will help us! Thank You