I have lived apart from my hopefully ex-husband since March 29, 2006. In 2009, I moved back to Iowa to be near my family. We have one daughter, of whom I have full sole primary custody as ordered by the NC court in 2007. Due to my financial situation, I have been unable to afford a divorce until now. I am sending my paperwork to the McDowell County clerk of court and hope the process goes smoothly. My hopefully soon to be ex husband resides in McDowell County, and we have no issue with the divorce. Custody has been decided, child support is established, this is just the last part that needs tied up.

I’m nervous that McDowell County will require me to come there for the court date. I am a teacher and don’t have the spare money to go down to North Carolina. I tried to file for divorce in Iowa, but Iowa requires joint custody, and it is just not in my daughter’s best interest for that to ever happen…ergo why the North Carolina courts gave me full sole primary custody.

I just want this nightmare to end. I want my divorce, he wants it, I just want it done. Do any of you have any advice?


If it’s any help, my divorce was uncontested and I did not have to be there. I did, however, have legal representation.

I would post this in the legal question forum where an attorney will respond.

I wish you well!