No Easy Solution

About two months ago my wife six to eight weeks into her pregnancy lost the baby. Since that time she become verbally abusive to me and at times to our children. This emotional roller coaster that she has us one is has disrupted our family life. She refuses to seek couseling even after I offered that we could go together, as a show of support for one another. I’m going back to active duty in the military in June and she stated that she doesn’t want to be married to me anymore and that no judge would give me custody with my new job approaching. Until I am deployed I would be home everyday and night, I would make arrangements for my kids while I’m gone. My main concern other than her mental state is that my sons are being exposed to negativity and it’s mom’s way or no way. Every chance she gets she lashes out at me on the phone and when I’m out workng I don’t know what sort of seeds she is planting in my son’s head to turn them against me. I have not abused her physically, verbally or emotionally. Since she won’t seek counseling what are my options? Thank you for your time.

You will need to file an action for child custody, and include allegations of parental alienation. In some cases, where necessary, judges can order folks to participate in therapy, and in most counties parent education is required.

I suggest you meet with an attorney in your area as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on your case before you leave in June.