No one at home

Given their ages I don’t know how much you can do at this point. If they were younger you could get DSS involved. What is it you feel they need help on? Homework? Supervision? What about arranging with them to take them out for dinner once a week? Go to a movie? That age is tough as they have their friends and want their independence and don’t see the problem with being on their own, especially the 17 yr old.

I am separated but have no separation agreement and so far we have not filed any paperwork for divorce although my wife has made it clear we are going to divorce with my okay or not. We have been living in separate homes for over two years but I truly thought that being apart would have helped us to get back together. I was very wrong and now my wife is dating which I was not aware and to someone in our same town and we both knew him and his kids for years. This is bad enough but the real issue is that due to now having other interests she is never at home and my kids although 14 and 17 are always alone with no help in many areas. I am only a few miles away but I am not allowed to just drop by without the okay from my wife and most of the time I do not know they are alone until later when I just happen to find out. I have asked them to spend more time with me but the home where my wife lives was out home and I know they are just more comfortable their. Any advice on what I can do since now they are alone way too many evenings with no one.