No Recording explanation

I am drafting our SA based on the courthouse confidential document from Rosen.

What does this paragraph imply?

NO RECORDING. The parties agree that this Agreement shall not be recorded. However,
each party shall at the request of the other party execute and deliver to the other, duly
acknowledged and in recordable form, a memorandum of this Agreement or any other document
not inconsistent with this Agreement and evidencing the right of each party to deal freely with
property without the joinder of the other party or evidencing any other similar right which would
have been a matter of public record had this Agreement been recorded.

I first read it as the entire SA won’t be recorded as public record…but of course I am reading the original public record so I am missing the meaning!

Here is another example where I am not positive what it is suggesting we need to do:

Memorandum of Agreement. Rather than having this Agreement recorded in
the office of the Register of Deeds, the parties agree to execute a Memorandum of Separation
Agreement for recordation simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement.

I am sorry, but reviewing specific language is beyond the scope of this forum. Please see my full reply to your other post.