Nolo Contendre and other misrepresentation issues

I have quite a complex divorce case.
First, I have a question regarding a nolo contendre jugdment that I received.
(1) Can a nolo contendre judgment froma prior hearing and all of the facts and details, photos, any questions regarding that matter in way shape or form be brought into court at a later date for family court hearings.
a. permanent divorce,alimony,custody, etc. decisions.
b. custody and other approriate changes or reliefs in actions.
Can that judmnet be used against you in those matters after the hearing has already been conducted and a nolo contendre (no admittance of fault on my part), or should it have been used to interogate me on the stand, or any other wotnesses who were there or not even present or had no knowledge of it or any facts pertaining to it/that case. Furthermore, can a witness who testifies but was not present for or has no knowledge of the nolo contendre case be asked to “imagine” or “contemplate” on whether she/he would change her answers based on specualtion or what the attorney presents him/her.
c. Can evidence be presented by the opposing spouse if he/she enters a marital resides that he has no claim to (did not reside in). The marital home was given to me by the judge to live in with my children until a divorce settlement agreement could be reached. He had provided on paper with his signitatutre is legal residence which was an apartment at the time. I was out of town for a few days. He entered the home by taking a key from my 7 year old child’s possession and took pictures, and took my personal papers, and other materials. I was never consulted or asked for permission by him or any one else representing him, nor his attorney. I never even knew of the fact until the court date hearing where the pictures and other materials were presented to me. Is this not illegal? Can I use this as a cause of action to appeal my case, ask for a change of venue?
I feel that I have been missrepresented and illegally dealt with during my divorce case in many ways. These are just a few of the issues.

Similar to your other post, you have complex questions which are outside of the scope of this forum. Evidence of a guilty verdict may be admissible, but the rules of evidence may exclude it in some situations. There are also objections which can be made to questions if they are asking for a witness to speculate on an issue. Even if the pictures were obtained without your consent, they can still be introduced as evidence. You should speak with an attorney in your area to discuss the many issues in your case and determine a course of action.