Non Compliance with Child Support Order: Consequences?


First, thank you for answering my previous question–truly helpful and very appreciated!

Second, the non-custodial parent has been non compliant with regards to our child support order in the state of Texas where I live with our 10 year old son. Prior to filing for an interstate case, the final action by the Texas court system was to issue a warrant for 180 days in jail and a $1000.00 fine. This is null and void now that NC has recently been given the jurisdiction to enforce and collect.

QUESTION: What are the possible consequences for non payment of child supoprt in NC? For example, revocation of drivers license FL, 6 months jail time TX, etc. Texas, in my experience, is so bogged down with their 4 + million cases that prosecution and enforcement is severly lacking. Is NC rigorous in their pursuit of so called “dead-beat dads”, if so, how so?

Infinitely grateful,
Brooklyn C.


It is within the judge’s discretion, loss of license, jail time are possibilities for failure to pay support. The court’s here are bogged down as well, but the state is concerned with pursing these folks.