North carolina alimony

My wife and i are divorce and the judge gave her permanent alimony, but while we was marrie she had our baby child with another man, so i am not the father of our baby girl. i work out of town and had no way of knowing they was having a court for alimony until i got the order in the mail. we have been divorce now for over 5 years. she have gotten a better job making more money and moved in to a house that cost more the the one she lived in. could i write the judge a letter about this or is it best i get an attorneys. i pay child support of 727.00 month and alimony 500.00 a month and have been now for over 4 years.

It’s probably best to have a consultation so an attorney can review the order and discuss your options for moving forward, which may include filing a motion to modify alimony.