Not allowed to see son in over two years

I had a great relationship with my son his entire life. Two years ago when we seperated, my ex informed my son that I had been unfaithful and told numerous lies to put me in a very bad light with my son (of course he only heard her version, not mine). He was 14 at the time and we have joint custody with visitation. Since then, I have no way to contact him other than sending emails to the ex. I pay support every month but have not been allowed to see my son at all, he is now 16.

The ex told him these things a week after I signed the PSA and did it to hurt me, which it did. What recourse do I have? If my son states he does not want to have contact, can he make that determination, and since I have no way to contact him, is this right? I don’t feel any marital information should have been shared with a child in order to hurt the other parent. She claims she kept a file on the PC with a story stating everything about our 17 year marriage and he saw it. She stated she had it password protected, but that cann ot be the case if he was able to freely view it.

Question: Since I have been kept from visitation for over two years, how would this affect child support? Can I force visitation? Can she be held in contempt (the PSA was incorporated in the divorce) for failing to allow me communication with him? (I have no way to contact other than thru her, she claims he does not want to associate with me now) Even though we have joint custody, I have NO say so in anything, medical, private school, drivers license, nothing and no info is shared. What can I do? HELP!

Your lack of time with your son does not affect child support and your obligation remains the same. She can be held in contempt for her violation of the incorporated agreement, and you may file a motion to bring her actions to the court’s attention.