Not sure what to do, child Custody issue

I will try to make this short.

Me and my sons father lives together for over 3 years and have a 3 year old son. We have been going thru lots of issues in the past several months. I own my own pet sitting business(which does not bring in that much money) plus we own a business together. So my primary income is thru the business we share and my business. I basically do 95% of the work with the business we share also.
He has a job that brings home a paycheck everyweek.

All the bills come out of his account and we have been having issues with that, well I just found out he opened another account. Supposed to be an emergency account.
Well he is gone out of town this week from thursday until the next sunday so like 10 days. He took all the money with him and left me with 130 which would be fine, but then he ok someone to take out 80. So that leaves me with 50 to provide everything for me and my 3 year old for 10 days. And its not like we are stocked with groceries we have none.
We also have several bills due that are coming out of the account but looks like they will be returned, because supposedly he would not get his check until the next monday when he comes back.
Well I find out today that his mother went and picked up his checked and deposited it in this emergency account for him that I have no access to.

So ofcourse I was upset because first I have 50 to survive me and our son on, second he took triple the money he usually takes with him, and lastly he gets his mother to get his check and deposit it into an account that i have no access to.
Now all the bills are going to be returned and I will be blamed.

Well when I call him out on putting the money in there and how we only have this little amount of money plus the bills, he basically tells me that is his account(which it is) but I am not touching it and that if I didn’t like it I could get out.

The house is in his name, but like I said I have lived here for over 3 years and have contributed the whole time.

My question is this, if he told me to get out, and the closest family I have is in a different state. What can I do. We have no custody order and he is not on the birth certificate?

Another thing is this, my family are thinking that he is trying to kick me out knowing I do not have a place to go here, or family here, to get custody of my son.
Because he has a more stable income, a house, and a family support system here.
Now another fact is this, he has pays more attention to the dog than he does our son(as I put in a previous post) and his parents have only seen him maybe 6 times in his life. They moved here from Wisconsin in June. They have not seen their grandson since july 23 and live 5 miles away. Before they moved here, they would come down for days and not even see him.

Basically I just need advise.

If you want to leave the state, you can sign an agreement regarding custody so that he can’t come after you arguing that you are fleeing the jurisdiction or you can file a complaint for child custody so that he can’t file a motion for emergency custody based on you fleeing the jurisdiction.