Notary error & Clerk filed unstamped form. Any Recourse?

I have to ask because I’m so very frustrated right now:

  1. On Jan 2, I got three copies of my complaint for divorce notarized. All three were signed by notary but only two were stamped.
  2. At the courthouse, the clerk files/stamps all three copies. The clerk puts the signed but unstamped complaint in the court folder.
  3. In court yesterday, the judge says the complaint isn’t stamped and tells me I have to file an amended complaint and start the whole process over. I then produced a signed/stamped complaint from my bag, the judge shushed me and accused me of having a notary sign it after the fact. (My copies were all signed/stamped, my STBX’s copies were signed/stamped). When I offered an explanation that the clerk filed the single unstamped form, she said her clerks don’t make mistakes and threatened to dismiss the entire case.)

Is there any recourse?

Ultimately the judge is the final decision maker, and if he or she thought the lack of a notary stamp on the filed copy was insufficient, then his or her decision stands. I would follow the judge’s instructions and do the amended complaint and make sure everything is properly notarized.