Opinion on AA and/or CC

If prior to separation, husband has numerous phone calls with another person (not spouse), I understand that AA can be filed. This other person is out of state, and the husband and person have never met in person. The calls went on for about 3 months prior to separation. Other factors actually influenced the separation, not the phone calls. (this occurred 3 months before Bill1110 passed)

Your opinion please…the marriage was unhappy - meaning, a documented Separation agreement was drawn up by an attorney 1 year before the actual separation. It was not signed, but would you think that the evidence of an existing separation document would serve as evidence of an unhappy marriage? This in addition to sleeping in separate bedrooms for several years and several years of posts on a support website by husband as to the situation?


Based on the facts you list, the 3rd party has a good argument that it was not their actions that destroyed the martial relationship.