Order Approving Parenting Agreement

NC Form AOC-CV-831 states:

All Parties are notified that it is a felony for any person, with the intent to violate this Court Order, to take or transport, or cause to be taken or transported, (any of) the minor children included in this Court Order, outside of this state, or to keep the children outside this state, and such action shall subject any such person to criminal prosecution under teh provisions of …

Is this language interpreted to mean that no child subject to the Order can be taken from the state? Could it be interpreted to prevent a parent with full and sole custody, subject to limited visitation, from relocating to another state?


I believe that the language is pretty clear, in that it means a person cannot remove the child with the intention of evading the jurisdiction. The safest bet is for the party who seeks to move to file a motion to modify custody.