Order requires all emails answered within 24 hrs


Our lawyers met in chambers to resolve some issues between each parties version of what was ordered.

The new order states that all emails are to be responded to within 24 hours. Then it goes on to say “if the party whom a response is required does not respond within 24 hours, then it shall be deemed that parent agrees with the other parent’s suggestion for resolution”.

I can name tons of reasons why I may not check my email for 24 hours, camping, trips, computer issues, email issues, connection issues and so on.

How is it they can order such a thing?

The lawyers are saying this is the final word and it can not be changed. This was not adressed in court, in fact we had agreed on “response to email in reasonable amount of time” prior to going to court and told the judge this.

What would you do?

We have joint custody and this is going to be a HUGE problem.


If the judge ordered that 24 hours was a reasonable response time it cannot be changed, unless you file for relief from judgment which must be done within ten days of the entry of the Order.