What happens if the Defendant does not show up for court ordered orientation in family court?

Are there any reasons/excuses that she could use to try to avoid having to show up? If so, what would happen next?

I found this, but I’m not sure if orientation is considered a “pre-trial conference”.

“Sanctions for Failure to Participate in Pretrial Conferences. Failure to attend a pretrial conference which is noticed for hearing is a serious breach of these Rules. Such failure may result in a dismissal of the responsible party’s claim, the responsible party’s proffered testimony (either written or oral) not being allowed into evidence by the Court, or may result in the imposition of other sanctions as provided by Rule 37 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.”


There will likely be a hearing set by the court for sanctions based on her failure to attend. Orientation is not considered a pre-trial.