Out of State: Cannot find an attorney!

Please help.

If anyone knows of an attorney who is willing to prosecute an Alienation of Affection case in UTAH - I desperately need the referral. I am not the first person who has had their life decimated by this woman. She has a history of this - a well documented history. I have evidence. My husband and I do not wish to separate or divorce. We wish to file against her together and also on behalf of our children. Our relationship is not the same. It will never be the same.

I know these cases are hard to win. I appreciate that. I know they’re expensive. I also appreciate that. Nevertheless, I want her behavior on record legally so that others may be able to save themselves from what we’ve been through. Even more, I’d like to establish this so that if someone in the future is in my position, they can establish a history of this behavior from the defendant.

Any advice or help is appreciated. I’m exhausted from trying to find help. Thank you.

Not a lawyer, but your anger at this other woman seems insane! How about be angry at your husband for falling for someone else? Do you honestly think he’s some sort of innocent victim? And how can you claim alienation of affection if you are staying with your husband??? That’s proof that the 3rd party didn’t damage your marriage. This makes no sense.

The marriage is damaged. He was hurt. He now suffers from PTSD because of what she did. I am plenty angry with my husband.
My motives for filing this are not to hurt her, though - they are to give her an incentive to stay away from my family, to stop following me
and my children, and to know that the next time she tries to pull this crap, that woman will have this case to lean on. My husband
is not only supportive of me in this decision, he’s willing to support me in court.

Update: I found a single attorney willing to meet with me tomorrow.

thanks for the giggle…your husband suffers ptsd because he screwed another woman??? That’s priceless…the poor baby…I can’t believe you fell for that…

I’m not going to feed the trolls. It’s intriguing that you feel inclined to insult someone based on a case you don’t know the details of.
Mocking someone’s emotional and psychological state really isn’t very adult, now, is it?

I don’t particularly care if you believe him or me. I don’t particularly care what you think of him for “screwing” another woman.
If you did have the details of the case, you’d know that’s not what happened.

I do hope that you, and everyone else, can find some peace and get whatever help it is that you’re pursuing through use of
this message board. Best of luck to you.

Did any of her acts occur in North Carolina?