Payment agreement with divorce

My STBX and I have an agreement between us that was created at the time of our separation over 4 yrs ago. This agreement contains general agreement issues like visitation, holiday schedule, and such but there is also who pays what bills. He agreed to pay for the vehicle I drive until it is paid off (another 2 yrs). If I do the divorce without an attorney, as I am unable to afford one, this payment information would not be in the agreement. Will our personal agreement stand up in court if he decides not to pay? It was signed and notarized by both of us so it is legal.

If you have a validly executed separation agreement (in writing and signed by both parties and notarized), then it is enforceable. If your STBX fails to abide by the terms of the agreement, you an sue him for breach of contract. To learn more about that process, see our article on Breach And Enforcement of Separation Agreements.