Petition for divorce

Just received petition for divorce papers and my husband has signed it but so has his girlfriend. This was one of the main reasons we started fighting in the first place. He was deleting texts from her and now live together in Winston Salem with our oldest son. She was his notary. Please advise if this is legal. Thanks. Charlotte Joyner

This is the civil summons for a divorce.

We were still married when I caught him deleting the texts. Then they started seeing each other. She was introduced to my son. She also helped him pack my stuff up from our house. Now they are living together.

They also went on vacation together on what would have been our 20th anniversary. We had a separation agreement that was signed and notarized but never filed.

I’m not sure why the girlfriend would sign the summons, unless it was just done to inflame you. Procedurally her signature on the summons has no bearing on the absolute divorce.