PI can take photos while committing a trespass?


Can a PI commit a trespass to photograph a spouse? I live in an apartment complex which is private property open to residents and guests only. Can a PI come on the property and take photos while on private property? If not or so, what is the NC Statute?


NC requires PI’s to be licensed and undergo education and continuing education. They must abide by the laws in the North Carolina General Statutes.

Meaning they can not enter a gated community under false pretenses to gain access to that type of private property. My understanding is, if your apartment complex is not gated anyone including a PI can enter. Otherwise everyone not belonging there can be prosecuted for trespassing.

They can not invade someone’s privacy unreasonably, meaning no peeping in windows, no gaining access to your apartment under false pretenses, no breaking and entering. The have to also abide by the rule of law conserning wire tapping and listening devices. They can not take your mail, they can not pretend to be you. You get the point right?

They can video and photograph you entering and leaving, your company, but not a minor, never ever ever a minor! They can follow you until they place you in terror because they are indifferent to concealing themselves. But do not go jumping at every shadow because they are required to carry their ID and if you report a person as a PI who you just know is one and they have no id, well you will not be taken seriously the next time. At times public displays of “private” matters have been photographed and used others it has been tossed if it did not seem relevant.

If you are in a domestic situation, sorry but you can not do much about it unless they explicitly do something illegal so the suggestion is. Suck it up, don’t worry about it if you are doing nothing wrong, then nothing + nothing = the person who hired them has nothing and are also out a large sum of moolah! Roughly, $2000-15,000 depending on how long you have been followed. So smile at that thought.


I agree with SuzieQ.

If you haven’t been doing anything then you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you have, then I’d be very careful.