Please explain

Mother’s estranged husband died. Daughter falsified death certificate stating they were divorced. Funeral home informed that it would take 6 months to change this info and WE had to provide documentation to the contrary (i.e. that no divorce decree exists…it doesn’t!) Detective took daughter’s word that funeral home made mistake (yea, right) and law enforcement refused further investigation. Ok. Fine. Even though we had the statutes stating otherwise!!!

Opposing party in divorce action sent letter notifying that there is a substitution of party in this case. NOW, we are informed that we have to PAY to open estate because of subsitution of party. Told that judge cannot open estate and WE have to petition. So, where the hell do we go from here? None of this seems right, but I expect this from the “law”. Any suggestions? Thank you.

I would suggest you contact an attorney that deals with wills and estates.