Please Help!-Ive been stuck in a constant circle-

So I have been seperated for a year and 4 months now. Im 21 my husband left me when he found out I was pregnant with our third child, which he begged me to have. Hes not paying child support, hes good at playing the system. He doesnt see his kids or even ask about them. He left me for another woman in wilmington, Nc. I want to get a divorce and wash my hands from this mess hes dragged me into. Please someone tell me the cheapest way to get a divorce and how to do it without him around.

If you are ready to file for divorce, the least expensive option for you is to file yourself. You can use our divorce guide to assist you in filing, and you can contact your county’s clerk office. While they can’t give you legal advice, they can give you more guidance in filing procedures.