Please please help

My recent ex-girlfriend goes to NC to visit the boyfriend and ends up getting married because she was put on a spot in front many people. So she signs the papers and goes back to Florida where she resides. Next day, she realizes what a big mistake she made and wants to get divorced and settle down with me. She knows that you need to leave a year apart to be able to file for one. Now if she dates or moves in with me, will this be adultery and possible lawsuits arise even though the husband has been notified of her intentions? If so, what is the proper way out? We can’t possibly not be romantic all this time!!!

With respect to the law in North Carolina, having sex with someone other than your spouse is still a crime (misdemeanour) in this state, though a prosecution is unlikely especially given the fact that you are both in Florida, which gives rise to jurisdictional issues.

The bigger issue is that her husband may attempt to sue you in a third party action for criminal conversation (actually a civil suit for damages) for having sex with his wife, or for alienation of affection (also a civil action) for destroying the affections of the marriage. In either case, you must have some connection to NC, either having the affair within this state, or making contact with your girlfriend while she is in NC.