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Dear Viper:

Greetings. First, I only have the time to review forum posts made in this forum, as service to my clients must come first and takes up a lot of my time. Nevertheless, I am sure that I can answer your questions contained herein.

  1. Yes, you can certainly ask for child support now, even if you said previously that you would not ask for the same.

  2. Yes, if you have an order for custody, file a Motion and Order to Show Cause against her for violating the agreement. If the language of your order will not uphold such a motion, you can file a claim for child custody. I would tell you to document what she is saying by sending her letters asking (not telling) her to cease and desist the statements she is making because they are negatively impacting the children and your relationship with the children.

  3. It depends on what documents you have determining custody as to what you can do about limiting visitation. Generally no, without a custody order limiting the visitation you cannot do so, but there are some exceptions to this.

  4. Contact information yes. Employer information no.

  5. What a loaded question. Can you please tell me what you want to know exactly in the realm of custody? Thank you.

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I have a more detailed post in the emotion section of the forum, that gives more detail to the below questions.

If I agreed not to ask for child support at the time I was granted Sole Custody, can I ask for it now (3 years later)?

Is there any way to stop my X from telling our children things about me that are not true, and are quite slanderous?

Can I legally limit my X’s visitation until she agrees to stop filling our children