Power of attorney

I have full power of attorney for my son, who is in the military and currently deployed. His spouse while he was gone took everything out of the house, all personal property and separate property as well as most items that were purchased after marriage. Currently he does have a car, that is worth a good sum, but also has a loan out on it, which is a loan in her name but he has co-signed on it. The car is also titled to her, so currently he cannot do anything with it. Would like to be able to sell it to pay off loans.

I know that this is part of ED, but my question is with power of attorney am I able to file this claim with the court on his behalf and if I can, do I need to hire a lawyer to do this or can I do this myself with the court system. She is currently not paying any of the bills, as she knows he will as he is a co-signer and the military would frown on any finacial problems. also she has taken off to parts unknown, so I have no way of even contacting her. There are no children involved

You may not file ED on your son’s behalf as he personally must swear to all allegations contained in Complaint. I suggest your son contact a lawyer to discuss his options on how he can file suit while he is deployed.