Premarital debt


My husband and I married in December 2007. He had a substantial amount of credit card debt at that point, thanks to a previous wife. In January 2008 he was prescribed prescription medication that he eventually became addicted to and began a downward spiral into street drug usage and infidelity. We separated in April 2009 after weak attempts at rehab failed. During the marriage and before separation, he financed (in his name only) a vehicle. He also was financing a motorcycle that he owned prior to the marriage, and was responsible for his ex-wife’s vehicle. We have no joint property or children. The only joint debt we incurred I have almost paid off myself (it was about $1K). Due to the addiction and PTSD issues, he was out of work for a great amount of time and is in the process of filing for bankruptcy. All of those vehicles were repossessed. I will file for divorce next month when the year is up. What concerns should I have for being saddled with any of his debt? I am hoping for a DIY divorce since there is no property or kids, but don’t want his debt to come back and bite me.


You are not responsible for any of his debt unless you co-signed or became a guarantor at some point.