PRN job added into Child Support


I am a health professional. I work at a clinic during the day and in the evenings I have a PRN (as needed) position at a local hospital. I get called to work if someone calls out sick or if there are holes in the schedule for vacations or what-not. My time is not guaranteed. During my child support hearing, my attorney added $1000.00 a month to my gross income because of my PRN job. I would have had to work 2 evening shifts a week to make that much. I wasn’t working that much. I was working one shift or none a week at that time. I don’t know where she got this figure. She never explained it to me. My attorney said I was working 12 hour shifts on the weekends. This was absolutely untrue. I thought my attorney was supposed to be respresenting me. I was only working six hour shifts during the week in the evenings. So now my PRN (as needed) job turned into a part time job. When I get called, I have to work every shift available because I have to pay the higher child support. But now, there is a real possibility that I will lose my PRN job because of a merger. First, should this job have been added onto my gross income? I was told that overtime shouldn’t be placed on the gross income because it is not guaranteed so why would this job be placed on it. My time is not guaranteed. Second, is there anything I can do about this other than bankruptcy? I live in a remote part of the state and there are not any other part-time or PRN jobs available. I have already looked.


Overtime is typically accounted for in child support calculations by using and average amount over a period of months. If you lose your PRN job and your income is substantially reduced in turn you may file a motion to modify child support. Child support is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.