Pro se litigant's responsibility

How long does a pro se litigant (plaintiff) reasonably have to respond to a judgement that has been written up by the opposing party’s (defendant’s) attorney?

not an attorney

I believe a pro se litigant has the same amount of time to respond as someone who is represented by counsel. The rules don’t change just because you represent yourself. So, if the papers say you have to respond in 10 or 30 days, then you have that amount of time. It’s one of the drawbacks of being pro se.

Pro Se litigants are expected to operate under the same rules as attorneys. Look to the local rules where your case is pending for a time frame.

Local rules list a time standard as a goal: orders entered if requested by one party within 45 days of filing of complaint. Does this mean that, if he does not respond to our request for review of the order that I can request to have it entered after 45 days of filing of complaint and it will be entered?

You are not reading the proper part of the local rules if you are looking at time standards.

I have read the rules top to bottom, several times through. If not the time standards, then what part? Do I need to contact the appropriate family court administrator to ensure that the court order is properly executed? At what point does ignoring the court’s judgement morph into contempt?

If you can’t answer the question by reading the rules, then yes, you may want to contact the case coordinator.

“Ignoring the court’s judgment” is contempt.