Proof of employment


My ex husband has insisted for the past year that he has not been able to find work. However, he posted a resume at a job-hunting site, specifying that he worked during the past year.

Will this resume (a website) be admissible in court? Can I have C.S.E. subpoena his employers? What can be done to ensure accuracy, as he has obviously already lied?

(The resume contains specific information indicating that it is his, not someone with the same name.)


Yes, the resume would be admissible in court, and the past employers could be required to submit subpoenas for paystubs, employee records ect.


Hi there! Just a point of reference as a past recruiter pertaining to your posting below. Just because a potential candidate shows employment through current date on his/her resume does not necessarily mean that they still work there. A lot of people do post their resume that way becuase if you list yourself out of work for the past year, it will be harder to gain attention from employers. Once they do gain attention from the potential Employer, then they will likely explain their current situation.

My suggestion would be to call the company current listed on the resume and simply ask to be connected with your ex or ask the switchboard if they are employed there!! That will save you a lot of time unless they do happen to still work there. Then I would subpoena the paystubs.