Proofs needed/grounds for divorce?

Dear maverick:

Greetings. You need to hire the PI if she is entitled to alimony from you. Best of luck…and sorry to hear you are stuck in a pit of lies.

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Maverick - do it! I did and it cost me $2,000 but I will save $60,000+ over 3 years. If you need a referral, let me know.

She has been lying and has amditted to lying. For example, this past Sunday she lied to me again. She claimed to be in one location and her total miles for the trip would have been 100, at the most. I checked the miles before and after and she had travel 277. She lied for 15 minutes and then finally admitted, oh I went so and so as well. This isn’t the first time, not even the 10th time. I don’t have video/picture proof of an affair but my gut says that there is no reason on Earth for someone to continue to lie about there conduct other than an affair.

Is lying grounds enough? How do you prove cheating? I can’t do DNA testing on her panties! I can’t prove anything. I can put a PI on her trail or GPS on her car but that is costly. One of her ex-friends has stated that she has been unfaithful with 2 different men that she is aware of but nothing I ever do or confront her with seems to work. She continually denies or explains it all away. My gut says she’s unfaithful.