Properties ib devoice


I bought my house and my car and almost 90% of everything in the house before married, we being marry for only a year and two months now. Things are not going right so we have decided to devoice but she said she won’t move out of the house.We do not have a bank account together ,she has always has her own account and her money has always be her money. I pay almost all the bills in the house with my money ,the only bill she to pay is cell phone bill which include her and mine because I was paying her phone bill for her for almost two years before I marry her. Beside that she pay water bill which the most is $50 and it has always be a problem when it comes to paying those two bills and finally we devoicing. What do I have in order not to loose any of my properties and for her to move out peacefully. We have 4months old boy together. I need help.thanks


*** Not a lawyer ***

Whatever you do, don’t move out. Not even temporarily.


That’s why I need help because am not ready to use my properties that I have work so had to her and she don’t want to move out too.thanks for your reply


The only way to have a spouse removed from a home is to file an action for divorce from bed and board, but you have to meet certain criteria to obtain a divorce from bed and board. Also, not all judges are willing to remove a spouse from a residence even when entering an order for divorce from bed and board. You should have a consultation with an attorney in your area to determine if this is a feasible request and how you should proceed.


Here is an option most people don’t think of…

If the decision for divorce is set with no reconciliation for the future, then how about doing something most “warring” parties don’t do…

What is it?

Offer to get her an apt or other residence, pay for the deposit, and first 2 0r 3 months of rent, moving expenses, utilities turned on etc…
Let her know this is an advance on support, and GET A SEPARATION Agreement signed by both of you, covering child support, visitation & support payments.

Its an option that will get her out of Your House …

Do some research on this. I’m sure lots of good ideas are available (peaceful ideas anyway)