Property and Break up


Will try to keep this short, thank you for offering this service! My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. For 2 of these years he hasn’t work and I have worked two or three jobs to support him and MY children (we do not have ANY together). During this time, he got angry and moved out twice while I was out of town and took all of his belongings as well as a Television I had purchased, an xbox, and several other larger ticket items that were purchased by me while we were together (he was living in MY home). Both times he moved back in.

We rented a new home last year and we were both on the lease. He got a job and we ended up having to purchase a truck for him together.

With this being said, we are planning to break up, he has agreed to move out if I can cover the “breaking of the lease”. This is fine. My worry is…how do I protect my assets? He has agreed to continue with the truck payment (He lost his job again so I have no idea how he will do this). But I want to know if he can actually walk out of here with anything he wants or if I can protect certain items, or make him take me to court before he can remove the items from the house.

On a side note, he was arrested for domestic violence last year. I dropped the charges and allowed him back. ALSO, my parents have moved in with us, as they are getting older and needed some help, is there any way he could take their personal belongings? What are my options here?


Since you are not married, he has no marital interest in any assets that you purchased during your relationship. If he removes items that you purchased, you can go after him in civil court for return or replacement value of the items. You should also consider writing a contract about how the truck will be handled if both of you are on the title and the loan.