Protecting children


What is the best wording (by law) to inform an individual whom is trying to get
their biological children from a previous marriage that you know of their past?
This individual whom was approximately 7 years older than another child,
exposed himself and demanded the younger child touch his genitals. He threatened
the younger child during this period of time.

There have been other suspicious events over the course of many years of his
"sexual" activity. I want to inform this man that I feel it is in the best interest
of his daughters to stop trying to get custody. If he doesn’t, then I feel I need
to report this information to the authorities. I have been told by friends this
could appear to be threatening him and I must follow the law. I’m very concerned
for the children. I don’t know that the environment with the biological mother
will be any safer.


Your post is difficult to follow, but if you have concerns about the safety of children that are not in your custody, you should contact child protective services so they can do an appropriate investigation. If you have concerns about the safety of children that are in your custody, if there is not a court order granting said person visitation, you can deny the visitation and put the facts before a judge to make a determination. If the allegations are of a sexual nature, I would you should consider talking with CPS in either scenario.


I’m sorry I was not clear in my last post. I’ll try to better explain the situation. I was made aware of a man whom was trying to get permanent custody of his biological children. When this man was a young boy he had forced another child whom was much younger than he to touch his genitals. He threatened this child to not tell or she would be in grave danger. As he grew into an adult there were many red flags over the years as to other similar sexual situations during his youth to adulthood but it was kept hush hush. I had expressed concern to some of his family members of things I had seen (like porn on a shared family computer, a very explicit sexual letter he had written to another family female, etc.) but it seems they turn a blind eye and I feel I am looked at as a trouble maker. He seems to date and marry women whom have daughters. I am very concerned for his biological daughters should he receive permanent custody as well as any other young female.
Mentioning this to concern to some close friends I was told I could be accused of some kind of legal action…ruining his character without having proof of what I have seen and heard. Whom do I contact with these concerns - child protective services? We do not live In the same area now but did in our youth.


You should contact CPS and let them know your concerns and how you came to know about the allegations.